Eligibility Criteria

  • Female applicant
  • Citizen of the Middle East (Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, etc…)
  • For undergraduate degrees: High School transcripts (grades 10-12) and or university transcripts ( if started university at back-home already) with a Grade Point Average of above 75%, unless otherwise specified by the host academic institution.
  • Meet English Language requirements (TOEFL/IELTS/other English and Math tests) of the host university, or French requirements for French host academic institutions.
  • Additional requirements might be requested by the host academic institution.
  • Click below to download the criteria in Arabic
    Daughters for Life Scholarship Information 2016 – Arabic

 Required Documents:

– Applicants shall submit applications in digital format –
  • Duly completed the Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarship Application (including essay questions) in digital form
  • At least one letter of reference from a teacher, faculty member or supervisor
  • Certified literal English translations of high school transcript and or back-home university
  • Proof of English language proficiency as required by the host academic institution
  • Copy of resume/CV if applicable
  • Applications must be sent by email in PDF format to apply@daughtersforlife.com
  • Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered
  • Only certified literal English translations of transcripts are accepted

 Submit an Application:

Click here to download the 2015 Scholarship Application Form

DFL Application 2016

 Selection Process:

Daughters for Life Scholars are selected through a rigorous process comprised of the following stages:

  • Application panel review
  • Evaluation of all application files by an internal committee
  • Interviews
  • Approval of the finalists by the Scholarship Committee
  • Final approval by the Foundation’s Board of Directors

  Selection Criteria:

  • Achieving success despite having to overcome significant hardship or adversity
  • Financial hardship
  • Outstanding contribution to improving the lives of girls and young women, through extra curricular activities, work or volunteer experiences at her school or in her community.
  • Academic achievement
  • Demonstrated compassion and creativity
  • Committed to returning to home country when studies are complete

 Scholarship Application Checklist:

  • Submission of completed Daughters for Life Scholarship Application digitally.
  • Submission of completed Academic Institution’s Admission Application where applicable.
  • Submission of all Required Documents outlined above.

 Application Deadline:

December 31,2015

Need more information?

Please contact us at apply@daughtersforlife.com or call us at 416.640.0246

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