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Scholarships Program – Overview

Introduction to the Scholarship Program

Daughters for Life believe in making big changes to the world; in challenging ignorance and inspiring peace; in educating strong young women with potential and ambition to make the changes around them. The foundation offers educational scholarships to girls and young women from the Middle East with strong academic ability, a background of socio-economic hardship, the proven ability to overcome hardship and the dream to make a difference.

The Scholarship program is the Foundation’s biggest scheme, and it is:

  • preparing future leaders at some of the world’s top academic institutions,
  • creating rare opportunities for girls and women to gain education,
  • promoting progress through learning towards Middle Eastern peace.

Since 2010, Daughters for Life has helped more than 30 young women from countries like Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and Jordan in joining one of our 17 partnered academic institutions.  We have provided the stepping stone for these women to take their success to the next level, to develop old skills, learn new ones and to lead them to opportunities they have never before dreamed of; women like Yosra Albakkar from Jordan and Loureen Sayej from Palestine.

yosra-picYosra has a long list of causes she advocates for, as well as spending her days working to increase the sustainability of water resources in Jordan. Like Daughters for Life, Yosra is a strong believer in the power of the individual as a catalyst for change.

As the first to finish her post-secondary studies because of Daughters for Life, she is just one of many strong, passionate women who DFL are honoured to support on their lifelong journey to bring peace to the Middle East.

Loureen SayejLoureen  is another great example of the dreams that Daughters for Life can help to achieve. As an applicant, Loureen had a number of experiences she used to demonstrate her compassionate character, including time she had spent volunteering with refugee children. After winning the DFL scholarship, Loureen attended the New College of Florida.

She was awarded a BA in International Studies and Human Rights and gained valuable experiences as an active member of her community.  Loureen now works for IMTD as Lead Program Officer for Children’s Peace Initiative – Kenya. With an on-going interest in protecting children’s human rights, Loureen has started to realise her goal of working with the UN.

Like Loureen and Yosra, Daughters for Life scholars are expected to use their experiences and skills gained from post-secondary education to better the lives of those from the Middle East and grow the network of altruism in which ever discipline she chooses.

Mayar Tharowat, an undergraduate student at Wilfrid Laurier in Canada, is learning how valuable an experience it is to study with the support of Daughters for Life.


“Studying abroad is a life changing experience. I’ve being introduced to a completely new life. The most amazing thing about studying [here] is that I’m being introduced to many cultures; it gives me a new perception on the world.”

Mayar loves to study here; it is pushing her more each year and helping her to achieve her ambitions, but she is also gaining valuable new experiences that will help her to grow as a person.

“My First year was a great start for me. I quickly made relationships with my roommates and colleagues. I received [the] President’s Gold Award for the first year; [what’s] harder is keeping this achievement – I have to maintain a high GPA.”

Mayar has brought her own experiences with her from Egypt and is a valued member of the University’s community because of it.

“I was a kid obsessed with sciences, computers and robotics. With the help of my friends, we founded the club to encourage participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). [We] offer a fun learning environment and spread awareness within our community about its importance.”

The Daughters for Life foundation is proud to sponsor all of its scholars and works hard to make sure each one feels settled and supported during their time studying with our scholarship partners.

 “Some people may think that the relation between the scholar and the foundation is all about providing money, but in my case it is a home away from home. When I first came to Canada, I was a bit nervous about my new life, but I was happy to find them waiting for us [at] the airport. That’s what [is] special about Daughters for Life foundation; we see ourselves as daughters of the foundation.”

Daughters for Life started with one man who made the pro-active decision to be the positive change in the world; who decided to lay the foundations for peace in the Middle East one by one; who acted to turn something hateful into something honorable and pay it forward. His dream is being realised every day, and yours can too.


Scholarship Educational Affiliates

 Our partners for 2017/18 are a great eight institutions with three new partnerships, including partnerships for this year with McMaster University, Brock University and York University.


mc-master-university       brock    york-university    new-college       college-boreal    asian-university-for-women    rochester    eastern-menonite

Over the last 6 years, Daughters for Life has partnered with a total of 17 Colleges and Universities. Here are some of our previous partners:

manhattanville-college    oxford-brookes-university    wilfrid-laurier    trent-university   humber    university-of-leeds    ilac-square   sault