Every year, more organizations and individuals contribute to our work in a variety of ways. Their support to our diverse events make a great difference and help us get closer to a global peace.


Scholarship supporters


Guard me logoguard.me International Insurance is a world leader in supporting the health and wellness of international students around the world.  With almost 20 years’ experience working with language schools, high schools, universities, colleges, industry associations and agents, guard.me takes pride in keeping international students safe when it matters most. Guard Me, thankfully, has provided health insurance for two of 2017 DFL scholars.


university of guelphThe University of Guelph generously offered a year-end gift to our foundation. It helped us to cover the daily expenses of one of our scholars studying in the USA.



Rotary Club of NewmarketThe Rotary Club of Newmarket is a great supporter of our cause. Thanks to their donation, DFL is able to continue supporting two of our scholars studying at a top university in Canada.

Gala supporters

Our annual Gala Dinners gather academics, politicians, professionals and supporters of our cause. The numerous partners who offer their support financially or in-kind help us make these events tremendous successes.

Main sponsors

Indigo Gomberg RQpicture spin master pic LEE LLP

Community supporters

ETC picMohawkRBCRyerson picStephen LewisTrentRubach

In-kind supporters

AsadBloomDivisionGQPanexRoyal conservatoryTAGRosedale picLookupRami pic

Auction & gifts supporters

We have run many auctions for the past 7 years. The following supporters made it possible.


AmourCheese boutiqueLuma2AquaJeromeMokshaKula


Mike Hammer







Barbara McGivern







Charles Pachter