About Our Fellowship Program

Daughters for Life has partnerships with leading medical centers with whom we have developed our fellowship program. In conjunction with our partners, we are able to assist deserving female students from the Middle East to develop their disciplinary horizons.

Our recipients are those who are in the most need financially. They are chosen on the basis of their excellent academic performance in the face of adversity and have a demonstrable ability to make an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of girls and young women. The objective of our program is to broaden the fellow’s understanding of the host country and encourage them to return and make a lasting contribution in their own communities.


There are some criteria you must meet to be eligible to apply for a DFL fellowship:

Eligibility Criteria

  • female,
  • a citizen and resident of the Middle East, and
  • living in financial hardship

We will review all applications based on set selection criteria:

Selection Criteria

  • Achieving success despite having to overcome significant hardship or adversity.
  • Facing financial challenges/difficulty.
  • Evidence of outstanding contribution to improving the lives of others, through extra-curricular activities, work or volunteer experiences at her university or in her community.
  • Compassion and creativity assessed in the interview

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto

Visit Sunnybrook’s website to find out more.

Placement Details:

  • Specialty – Advanced Medical Dermatology
  • Payment/ Funding – Estimated to be $60,000 per year
  • Length of placement – 2 years

Applicants MUST be recognized as a dermatologist in their home country.
Have completed her MD or equivalent degree in a medical school that is recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Please note: The program is focused on Advanced Medical Dermatology. There is no surgery, no cosmetics, no pediatrics, etc.

Coming Soon

  • Sick Kids Hospital
  • TRIO Women’s Fertility Clinic

Applicants interested in either of the two fellowships should apply directly to Daughters for Life. You will need to complete a Daughters for Life application form and email with the following documentation to apply@daughtersforlife.com:

  • a CV which includes your date of birth, citizenship and e-mail address
  • 3 letters of recommendation on letterhead, signed and dated within two years of the date of application
  • a copy of the medical degree (with certified English translation, where necessary)
  • a copy of the specialty certification (with certified English translation, where necessary)All documents must be sent to apply@daughtersforlife.com as detailed above.

Please note:

  • Applications must be sent by email in PDF format to info@daughtersforlife.com
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Only certified literal English translations of transcripts are accepted

Meet Our Fellows

Four Palestinian women students took part in the Daughters for Life Delegation to the 2013 EPIIC symposium on Global Health at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

The symposium was organized by the Tufts Initiative for International Leadership and Perspective (TILIP) Program from February 19-25, 2013.

Asmaa Abumuamar

Asmaa worked at the Khan Younis UNRWA Clinic and volunteered her services to a number of projects including the Kids Cancer Project, Breast Cancer Awareness and First Aid Services. Asmaa plans to complete her postgraduate studies in Public Health.

Deema El Sousi

Deema El Sousi is a student in the Faculty of Business Administration at Al Azhar University in Gaza.

Deema’s interest in global health issues results from her volunteer activities with Mercy Corps. She participated as a youth leader in their emergency relief efforts in Gaza to help communities recover and build resilience for future challenges.

Majd Al Wahaidi

Majd Al Wahaidi is a student in the Faculty of Business Administration at Al Azhar University in Gaza.

The daughter of a practicing family doctor in Gaza, Majd volunteers her services to a number of community-based medical clinics in Gaza, where she witnesses the lived links between water pollution and the deterioration of public health.

Saja Abu Sultan

Saja Abu Sultan is a student in the Faculty of Dentistry at Al Azhar University in Gaza.

Saja volunteers her time in a number of schools in Gaza where she coordinates oral health awareness programs. For Saja, poverty is a risk factor related to nutrition, water, sanitation, and a healthy immune system and it has a clear impact on oral health.alth.


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