Earlier this month, Johnson Creek 8th Graders held a Fundraiser for Daughters for Life foundation, out of their belief that everyone can make a difference!

Mr. Trent Rasmussen and Ms. Lauren Zellmer, 8th grade teachers at Johnson Creek Middle School, WI, began the school year teaching about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a Historical Literacy class.  As part of the unit, they read aloud I Shall Not Hate by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish.  Through his book, they learned about the Daughters for Life Foundation.

“It was a powerful story for our students to connect with, and at the end of the unit, we challenged our students to make a positive impact on this issue,” Mr. Rasmussen said.

Some students took to social media to raise awareness, but most students decided to organize fundraisers to benefit Daughters for Life. One group held a dodgeball tournament, another ran a “Throw a Pie at a Teacher” event, and another group held a week-long bake sale.

Their efforts raised more than $450 (US).

“This was a class project where students took charge and learned about being a difference maker, even if in a small way.  We were very proud of their efforts!” Ms. Rasmussen concluded his quote.

Daughters for Life Foundation is impressed with Johnson Creek’s enthusiasm and very grateful for their contribution to helping Middle Eastern women pursue post-secondary education.