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Scholar Spotlight

Wardah Alakrah: The Girl Who Dared to Dream One Step Closer To Being A Doctor

Despite the economic repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic taking a toll on Lebanon, one of our Daughters for Life alumni, Wardah AlAkrah, continues to thrive as she pursues higher education. Wardah graduated from Manhattanville College in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in biology. With the support of Daughters for Life, Wardah was able to return to her home country Lebanon empowered and motivated [...]

Waed Hassan: The Palestinian Writer in Route to Being an Educator

When Waed first became a Daughters for Life Scholar, she was a passionate young woman who started giving back to her community at a young age. As a young girl, Waed dedicated her time after school to work in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. She taught English and poetry to young girls, providing an outlet to express their thoughts and emotions. This experience [...]

Marwa Soliman: A Science Whiz Kid from Egypt to Studying Medicine

From a modest home in Cairo, Egypt came a young girl with an extraordinary gift for science. Marwa Soliman has always been the sharpest mind in her class, scoring top grades, and sometimes even a score of 100%l. At age 14, she was chosen to speak on Egypt’s national television to advise students on ways to balance time and studies. This shy whiz [...]

Alaa Hajjar: A Champion of Women’s Rights and a Budding Doctor

Fighting against all odds, 17-year-old Alaa El Hajjar is building a future for herself and her home country of Lebanon. Decades of civil war, bloodshed, and political turmoil in Lebanon have exposed Alaa very early on to the vulnerabilities of humanity. The hardship endured living in such a volatile environment sparked in Alaa’s sense of purpose. Alaa wants to make a difference to [...]

Maha: A Journey of Education towards conflict Resolution

Maha Mehanna, one of our inspiring Daughters for Life alumni, graduated from Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) last year with a Master’s in Conflict Transformation and a Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship. As a Palestinian woman, selecting such majors reflects her willingness and aspiration to work towards helping her community, which is afflicted with political turmoil. Currently, Maha is a full-time [...]

Merehan: A Triple Major Fighting for Gender Equality

One of our impressive scholars, Merehan Mostafa, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business (with a specialized concentration in Marketing), and a Bachelor of Arts with dual majors in Political Science and International Relations, the only graduating triple major of her class, from the University of Rochester. During her senior year, Merehan was recognized as an exceptional student as she was [...]

Rozana: A Positive Global Community Shaper in the Face of a Pandemic

Rozana Jaber is another Daughters for Life scholar who recently graduated from the New College of Florida with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Affairs. After returning to Palestine, Rozana is focusing her energy on exploring the job market. She reflects on her experience as a DFL scholar and appreciates how that experience prepared her to face life post-graduation. “My experience going [...]


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