The ultimate goal of the Daughters for Life Foundation is to help facilitate global change in the fight against inequality in ambitious, positive and uplifting ways. Our corner of focus is the education, empowerment and enrichment of the lives of young women in the Middle East who are some of the most underserved people in the world. There are 3 key criteria in choosing a recipient of our fully funded scholarships. We look for documented academic excellence, proof of socio-economic hardship and community engagement. Our greatest hope is that our scholarship program serves to bridge the accessibility gap for Middle Eastern women who have strived for their best despite their unique obstacles, who care about transforming their communities and who we can help become future leaders. 

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Our scholarship program has made a lasting difference in the lives of its recipients, their families and their communities. We’ve had scholars from all over the Middle Eastern region, including but not limited to: Palestine, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon,Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Morocco. 

Our scholars get the opportunity to attend some of the top schools in the world and have enrolled in institutions across North America, South Asia, the Middle East with an expansion into Europe as of 2022. They’ve had the chance to get to know a diverse variety of cultures and took part in diversifying their campuses as well by bringing their experiences, customs and bright visions for the future to their colleagues and friends. We welcome you to get to know our academic partners on their dedicated page.

Each year, as DFL and its mission grows, the opportunities of our scholars also grow. They are at the heart of what we do and our vision for the organization’s future. We’re deeply proud of how far our graduates have come and are so excited to see the journeys of our current and incoming scholars to the end while supporting them every step of the way in every way that we can.

“Some people may think that the relationship between the scholar and the foundation is all about providing money, but in my case it is a home away from home. When I first came to Canada, I was a bit nervous about my new life, but I was happy to find them waiting for us at  the airport. That’s what’s  special about the Daughters for Life foundation; we see ourselves as daughters of the foundation.”

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Many factors in the Middle East can make education for young women very difficult. But with your donation, we can help many talented women, access the best education possible. We believe that investing in young women’s education is the key to long lasting peace and better future for all of us.

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To bring the gift of education to girls and young women from the Middle East, we require the continuous support and patronage of academic institutions from around the world.