As a privately funded charity, we are fortunate to work in partnership with universities, donors, and volunteers across the globe. Since DFL’s inception, we have benefited from the support of hundreds of individuals, companies and organizations who share our vision of investing in young women who demonstrate character, service and leadership potential. We thank all those listed below for their contributions in support of our mission.

Academic Partners

Our partner universities and colleges demonstrate their trust in our selection process by helping to cover the tuition, and other education expenses, for our DFL Scholars.


Our Cornerstone Donors

Daughters for Life acknowledges and celebrates our sophisticated and visionary donors. These compassionate supporters are truly the foundation of all we do to create a better future for our scholars.

  • Marshall Noecker
  • Ramez Sousou
  • Jill Kirshner
  • Dr. Majid Boozary
  • Dr. Michael Dan
  • Lous Veeneklaas
  • Mark Sakkejha
  • Rob Sweezie
  • Adam Kahan
  • Caroline Turenko
  • Ronnen Harary
  • Gerrit de Boer

Our Leading Donors

Daughters for Life recognizes our loyal donors who have given and supported our cause for years.

  • Cornelia J. Baines
  • Alan Gee
  • David Badovinac
  • Sara Bevan
  • Raymundo De Andrade
  • Louise Dennys
  • Jane Philpott
  • Lisa Assaf
  • Aruna Ogale
  • Margaret Bras
  • Christina Covotsou
  • Judy Guercio
  • Katherina and Ernst Konareck
  • Dr. Arthur Clark
  • Rami Accoumeh
  • Dalal Abuelaish
  • Dany Farha
  • Aisha Alladin
  • Bruce Robertson, Dr.
  • L.W. Veene
  • Muhammad W. Sbeih
  • Diane Marshall
  • Nadia Spadafora
  • Nabila and Abdul Malik
  • Nadine Abdullah
  • Rene Martin
  • Andrew Pakula
  • Paul Gooch
  • Abdallah Daar
  • Sara Cressman
  • Tarek Sakka
  • Lamia Alshengeiti
  • Nancy Adrian-Hall
  • John Napier
  • Leslee Thompson
  • Carmen Jarrah
  • Sofie Muller
  • Allison Dias
  • Diane C Marshall
  • Lamia Alshengeiti
  • Rafik Loutfy
  • Ronald Shacter
  • Carol Holtzer
  • Nadine Abdullah
  • Amala Jayatilleke
  • Catherine Yolles
  • Elizabeth Fitzsimons
  • Martha Fraser and Manuel Ericson
  • Mary Cowling
  • Neena Gupta
  • Patricia Gibbs
  • Philip Gold
  • Rae Yeung
  • Shah Nawaz
  • Aysha Lockhat
  • John Humphrey
  • Leena Malik
  • Lous Veeneklaas 
  • Jill Kirshner 
  • Patricia Hartnagel 
  • Darryl Goddall
  • Margueritta Kluensch 
  • Aysha Lockhat 
  • Mona Loutfy 
  • Paul Gooch 
  • Claude De Selliers 
  • Kat Waldrop 
  • Morgan Witzig 
  • Steve and Allison Blakey
  • Alexandria Kizy 
  • William and Karen Butt 
  • Jean McNulty 
  • Martha Fraser
  • Nicole Presentey 
  • Thomas Miller 
  • Khun Poh 
  • Klaus Pflum
  • Carol Haddad 
  • Christiane Unland- Schlebes
  • Doran Feinsilber 
  • Duminda Siripala 
  • Julia Hamlyn 
  • Mohammad Elserfy 
  • Vincent Noorman 
  • Alba Chaira Leo 
  • Christina D’Aversa 
  • Millie Mortan 
  • Hana Fehrenbach
  • John Doyle 
  • Erika Larm 
  • Inge Liebaers 
  • John Casaril 
  • Alberto Lentini 
  • Liz Martin- Landau 
  • Aileen Leo
  • Karla Schmidt 
  • David Mckay
  • Your Content Goes Here

Our Giving Organizations

We are grateful for the generous corporate donors and organizations who grant us vital financial support for all programs.

Gala Supporters

Our annual Gala Dinners gather academics, politicians, professionals and supporters of our cause. The numerous partners who offer their support financially or in-kind help us make these events tremendous successes.

Gala Sponsors

Community Supporters

In-kind Supporters

Auction & Gifts Supporters




Volunteers are the lifeblood of our foundation. We rely on a network of dedicated volunteers from a variety of sectors and careers who support our efforts through their on-going hard work. Our very small staff of one works very closely with these amazing volunteers.

From the directors on our board to the scholarship coordinators to the marketing, copywriting and administration volunteers, it is only through the work of volunteers that we are able to deliver such valuable programs. Every year volunteers give more than 7,488 hours of their time. We are deeply grateful!

None of this would be possible without the support of these lead volunteers and others!

  • Vasudha Sharma, Editor and Copywriter
  • Isobel Goddard, Program Coordinator
  • Marina Gorgi, Program Coordinator
  • Eda Duman, Operational Assistant
  • Pan Di, Social Media Coordinator
  • Sophie Narod, Editor
  • Alex Stokes, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Elodie Girardet, Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Saida Shdaifat, Administrative Assistant
  • Kristyna Drabinova, Programs Coordinator
  • AnneMarie Evans, Editor
  • Raoula Hawa, Gala Communications Coordinator
  • Katia Valisolalao, Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Rami Accoumeh, A Filmmaker and photographer
  • Veronica Aronova, Administration and Operations
  • Alejandro Anaya, Digital Designer
  • Hakima Arabshahi, Gala Coordinator
  • Nicole Toole, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Hodan Garbiye, Admin and Operations
  • Emma Oruc, Scholarship coordination
  • Jonathan Chik, Web Designer
  • Tina Tuyen Vo, Event Coordination
  • Shasha Karim, Admin and Operations
  • Mazen Ibrahim, Marketing and Events
  • Karin Miron Scholarship Coordination
  • Zandile Malaza, Admin and Operations
  • K Talha Ather, Marketing and Communications
  • Akshata Koli, Marketing and Communications
  • Shruti Iyer, Marketing and Admin
  • Albina Yakubiv, Digital Marketing
  • Karthik Kannan, Digital Marketing
  • Sally Abudiab, Gala Team
  • Sarah Ghemraoui, Gala Team
  • Joy Khalil, Admin and Editing
  • Maham Siddiqui, Copyediting and Digital Marketing
  • David Venneri, Programs Coordination
  • Nicolino Derilo, Web Design
  • Shirley Deng, Admin and Operations
  • Mohammad Faheem, HR & Copywriting
  • Pouneh Kharabi, Scholarship Coordination
  • Ana Reynoso, Scholarship Coordination
  • Polina Burmistrova, Digital Marketing
  • Ava Varasteh, Social Media
  • Kirsten Myhal, Social Media
  • Mayra Upegui Martínez, Social media Volunteer


Many factors in the Middle East can make education for young women very difficult. But with your donation, we can help many talented women, access the best education possible. We believe that investing in young women’s education is the key to long lasting peace and better future for all of us.

Your donation will change many girls’ lives



Volunteers are the lifeblood of our foundation, in Canada and overseas. Be a part of something AMAZING.



Use your energy, imagination and passion to raise money with the help of your network, family, friends and community.



To bring the gift of education to girls and young women from the Middle East, we require the continuous support and patronage of academic institutions from around the world.