The Daughters for Life Foundation continues to enable young women from conflict-torn nations in the Middle East to complete their education here in Canada under its scholarship program. The foundation’s newest female scholars to arrive in Toronto are Sahar Al Ahmad, from Syria, and Safaa Zaoui, from Morocco. Their arrival takes place one month after we welcomed 5 scholars from Syria and a few weeks after we welcomed our first Moroccan scholar, Yousra. Indeed, given the worldwide girls’ education crisis, we wish to expand our efforts outside Middle Eastern countries.

Sahar and Safaa are grateful for the chance the Daughters for Life Foundation has offered them

Sahar and Safaa will receive English language training at the foundation’s affiliate institution, the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC). This ESL course will prepare them for University education where they will fulfill their dreams of becoming Engineers.

Safaa closer

Safaa Zaoui

Sahar Al Ahmad, scholar from Syria

Sahar Al Ahmad

For Safaa, ecstatic after her first airplane ride ever, the Daughters for Life scholarship is a new lease of life. “I feel so lucky to be here. I cannot wait to start studying Computer Engineering!”

22-year old Sahar feels exactly the same way: “I am so happy because I have got this chance to be here in Canada to have almost one year to study English, then I will search for Universities to complete my study here through Daughters for Life’ support and go back home one day to help may others. “

 Their message to women in the Middle East

These young women have just set foot into a new chapter of their lives. The Daughters for Life scholarship, to learn English and be eligible to study in some of the world’s best colleges and universities, will steer their lives onto a more empowered path.

When asked what they would like to say to girls in the Middle East who now look up to them as positive role models, Safaa urged, “Don’t give up on your dreams.”

Jacklin and Sahar

Sahar with Jacklin, DFL Programs and Communications Manager

Safaa and DFL team From left to right: Vasudha, Jacklin, Safaa and Kristyna

One of the world’s largest insurance providers in international education, has lent its support to the Daughters for Life mission. is providing insurance cover for Sahar and Safaa during their stay in Canada for higher education.