Eva Gorgy, Egypt


York University, Canada

Year of Graduation: 2021

A dedicated student with an exemplary academic record, Eva Ibrahim Gorgy is a Daughters for Life (DFL) Scholar selected under our 2017 scholarship program. Eva was a top performing student from Egypt’s Maadi STEM School for Girls, that prepares young girls to become leaders and innovators in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Her teachers describe 20-year old Eva as a tremendous student with a clear sense of direction and purpose. Her dedication and passion for her education can be traced back to an incident from very early in her life.

Something a woman said to 6 year old Eva has stayed with her ever since. “Don’t be influenced by people or forces that tell you education is only important for a girl to get married to a better person,” recalls Eva. This opened her eyes to the possibilities surrounding her. “That moment changed my life,” says Eva. “I grew up with an interest to change the world’s perspective of a woman. I believe the key to women’s success and gender equality is through education. By educating one woman, we give her the right to educate generations and that will improve the future of our nations.”

Her teachers vouch for her kindness and compassionate character. At school, Eva was always helping her peers understand subjects like Mathematics, and she displayed a keen interest in charity work. But Eva’s motivation to pursue a career in Science stems from her relationship with her family and her younger brother’s physical disabilities.  Her brother was born with atrophy affecting his speech and movement. Not only has Eva learnt to adapt to this family situation and overcome it, but it pushed her to learn about the brain, helping her find her passion in Biology.

After high school, Eva also completed one year at a Veterinary College in Cairo, Egypt. Circumstances however didn’t allow Eva complete her college education, but Eva continued to persevere and today she is a proud DFL scholar. When asked about her motivations for such a great challenge, Eva says, “I will be a living proof for girls and women who come from small cities in the Middle East and who did not have access to good education like myself, that they are important. Being born a woman is not a disgrace as people might have told them.”