Alaa Hajjar, Lebanon

Biology Major, Pre-Medicine Minor

Manhattanville College, NY, USA

Year of graduation: 2020

Alaa Hajjar is from Chhim, a province in Mount-Lebanon. Aside from academic excellence, she is always eager to participate in competitions, attend conferences, listen to music, read books, and exercise.

Choosing her major was not easy, but life gave her a hint: when she has been told her grandmother had cancer, she wanted to help in any way possible. Unfortunately her grandmother passed away. From this moment onwards, she knew she wanted to be a doctor, to spare other people going through what she experienced.

As she grew older, she realized there are many obstacles on the way: she could see how much her parents deprived themselves of many things to be able to pay her school tuition. She knew that they would not be able to support her financially in her path towards studying medicine. With the help of Daughters for Life foundation, she will be given an opportunity to study in a great college and be able to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.