Asmaa Abushabab, Palestine

Public Health Program

The Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Year of graduation: 2018

Asmaa Abushabab is a twenty-year-old Palestinian refugee born in the UAE; she grew up in Gaza. When she was seventeen years old, the Daughters for Life Foundation gave her the opportunity to study abroad at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. Since a Public Health major was not available In Gaza, Asmaa decided to pursue her studies away from home and embarked upon a journey of cultural growth and new experiences. Now, Asmaa is studying Public Health in the Asian University for Women. This shift in her life has helped her to do more research about environmental and health issues. DFL changed her life in a positive way and gave her better education to achieve her future dreams. Asmaa aims to complete her Master’s degree in Public Health to understand more about global health. After that, Asmaa hopes to return to Gaza and raise more awareness about the importance of health to make a change in the health situation in her home.