Diana Tarazi, Palestine

Computer Science

New College of Florida, FL, USA

Year of graduation: 2019

Diana Tarazi, 18-years old, was born and raised in Gaza, Palestine. She is now a first year student at New College of Florida in the United States. She has a curious interest in technology and computers, thus she is hoping to graduate with a computer science bachelor’s degree. Diana is grateful for the Daughters for Life Foundation for offering her this great opportunity to study abroad and enroll in one of the best institutions in the U.S. Daughters for Life has given Diana the power and confidence to face real life challenges with more maturity and an open mind. Having been an active member of the YMCA and Tamer Institute for Community Education in Gaza, she became passionate about making change in her community. In the future, Diana is determined to improve the use of technology in the Middle East, which she believes will make an impact on people’s lives by connecting them with the outside world.