Haneen Afana, Palestine

Environmental Science

The Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Year of graduation: 2018

A second year student specializing in Environmental Sciences, Haneen works hard to realize her dreams of becoming an important figure through serving her poor and occupied country. She won the Daughters for Life scholarship after of year of studying English language to be able to pass the scholarship requirements. DFL provided Haneen with a once in a lifetime opportunity to study at a well-known university that enriches and enhances women’s capacity to occupy leading roles in their countries. Haneen deepened her experiences through her lively study at the hands of multicultural professors from all over the world. In addition she learned from the various cultures and customs of her schoolmates from many Asian countries. Haneen, a refugee, was born in the Gaza Strip, living there all her life. Her active involvement in social work during her high school years such as tutoring other girls and boys, distributing of donations from benevolent societies and arts activities made her open to the new environment and helped her make new friendships at the university. Haneen aspires to graduate from the university and continue her education towards a PhD. She is determined to come back to her country that suffers from many environmental crises such as water shortage, pollution and salty soil and be able to contribute in the development process.