Hiba Miari, Palestine

Biology Program

Wilfrid Laurier University, ON, Canada

Year of graduation: 2019

Hiba Miari is a Palestinian student. She was the chief of seminars discussing recycling, human rights, and discrimination. Hiba is a novice drawer, and loves reading and creative writing. She has read over one hundred books of various genres. She has volunteered for the Blue Mission Organization, where she was responsible for taking care of the Public Library, and helped prepare the organization’s delegation that participated in the Peace Summit held in South Korea. Hiba is currently an active member in the “And Then What?” team, which has launched a campaign against drugs in local schools. She also volunteered in a summer camp, where she was coordinator of group games . A basketball and football player, Hiba has participated in many tournaments with school and other teams and has earned numerous MVP awards. She enjoys public speaking, and received the best delegate award in HHH MUN conference. Now, she is pursuing her studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in a Biology program that will lead her to become a doctor. She is thankful that Wilfrid Laurier is a university that embraces diversity which made her get along easily. She has enrolled in many clubs already including The Poetry Club, The Debating Club, Access-U and is participating in Women’s soccer Inter-Murals. Stunned with the hospitality of Dr. Abuelaish who welcomed her in the airport of Toronto with his daughters and DFL team, she thinks that DFL is home outside home and will be there for her during her adventurous strive to success.