University of Leeds, UK

Year of graduation: 2018

Leen Sabounchi believes one can’t go wrong with gaining knowledge. There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Pursuing an education will only benefit and open numerous doors for opportunities to land between one’s hands. Avoid limiting oneself and education will pave the way to a bright future.

Residing in Jordan and of Iraqi-Palestinian descent, this social media ambassador, signed model and yogi is more than a Graphic and Communication Design student.

It just so happens that word from an aunt is what led her to learn about the Daughter’s for Life scholarship.

Without the scholarship, Sabounchi would have been in universities that are not as beneficial or highly ranked with the right facilities that the University of Leeds provides her with. The scholarship afforded her the opportunity to attend a Russell Group university that is among the top 10 in the United Kingdom for design, also voted as University of the Year in 2017.

The decrease in the heavy financial weight that rested on her shoulders allows her to focus on her education fully, making her part of a society of women who are facing similar challenges in life. As a result, it allows her to help and encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams and complete their education.

Her aspirations include establishing a career in Europe or the Middle East, working as a graphic designer and a freelance artist. Success, in her opinion, is not quantifiable but is rather a state of mind caused by self-satisfaction, hard work and continuing to learn from past drawbacks.