Loureen Sayej, Palestine

International Studies and Human Rights Program

New College of Florida, FL, USA

Year of graduation: 2016

Loureen Sayej is a twenty-year-old from Ramallah, Palestine. Loureen’s thesis centers on children’s rights in the West Bank and Gaza. Loureen attended Ramallah Friends School in Palestine and graduated with an International Baccalaureate certificate. In Ramallah, she volunteered with refugee children and nursing home residents. Loureen enjoyed teaching English in orphanages at the Ramallah Child Care Society and was involved in scouts and summer camps as a leader. Loureen was chosen by the main headquarter cooperativeand the Ministry of Education in Palestine to participate in the Seeds of Peace international camp. She first attendedas a camper,then as a Leader. Loureen graduated with honours from Muscatine Community College, where she co-hosted a television show on international topics, was president of the student senate, and secretary of the honour society. In 2014, Loureen applied to be part of Daughters for Life, and she won a full scholarship to study in Florida, United States, where she helps organizing events for the Middle East Interest Club. Loureen hopes to work for the United Nations or a non-governmental organization as an advocate for women’s and children’s rights in the Middle East.