Marwa Soliman, Egypt

Biology & Pre-Medicine

Manhattenville College, NY, US

With a long list of academic achievements such as being on the Dean’s List with honors, Marwa Soliman is pursuing her education in the field of medicine with hopes to become a physician. Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Marwa Soliman currently resides in New York to attend Manhattanville College.

Many awards have been given to this Daughters For Life scholar who is double majoring in Biology and Computer Science, with a minor in Pre-Med. Soliman learned about this scholarship through a high school friend who is also a DFL scholar.

Through this amazing opportunity, she’s been given a better chance of an education which has changed her life and the way she looks at the future. Without it, Soliman had never thought she’d be able to pursue her interests. Sure, she may have continued on the path of education, but studying Medicine and Computer Science might have been difficult to do in Cairo.

Besides education, this student has had the fortune of learning about different places in the world, especially since she is studying in a diverse college in the United States.

Alongside her passion to become a doctor, she is also interested in bioinformatics and her second plan is to obtain a PhD in this field. According to Soliman, pursuing education is a sure thing in contributing to the world. Learning allows people to build nations in a world built by women or men who were raised by women.

In her view, “success is when you’re able to completely use your skills and abilities towards your true passion. Then, you’ll definitely learn, discover and give, happily.”

Soliman wants to bring back the lessons she learns to her home community, and give back to girls and young women not afforded the same opportunity.