Mayar Tharowat, Egypt

Physics Program

Wilfrid Laurier University, ON, Canada

Year of graduation: 2019

Mayar Tharowat, an Egyptian student, has always been fascinated by the physical universe. Since she was a child, she would sit with her father while he worked on electronic projects. Over time, programming, making electronic circuits and constructing robots became her hobbies. After she was chosen by the Ministry of Education to join the STEM School for top girls, she gained many personal and academic skills. It was a boarding school, which required Mayar to depend on herself and to deal with girls from different Egyptian cultures. She has gained research skills and presentation skills, helping her to participate in many local and international science fairs including I-SWEEEP Houston, TX science fair, where she won the bronze medal. Mayar assisted her father at the STEM science club in the city sporting club, sharing her knowledge with children.

Now in her 3rd year of studies, Mayar has founded a student robotics club, attended the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) conference, and won the President’s Gold Award for her academic achievements. About this, she says: “harder than achieving something, is keeping this achievement. For The President’s Gold Award to be renewed, I had to maintain a high GPA, and here I am, taking it for the second time!”

Mayar is nearly the same age as Dr. Izzeldin’s daughter with the same name. She believes that she has a responsibility to share Daughters for Life’s message to other Mayars in the Middle East.