Nour Alnajjar, Palestine

Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program

The Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Year of graduation: 2018

No border can stop this Palestinian scholar from furthering her education. Nour Alnajjar is currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics and minoring in Gender Studies and Psychology at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh on her journey to make the world a better place for all. Thanks to the Daughters For Life Scholarship, she is able to do that.

“Education is the key which opens the first door toward world. It makes it clear for you where you want to stand in this world”

Alnajjar heard about the foundation from a relative, yet had it not been for this she still would have been working hard for the chance of completing her education. Even though she hasn’t been able to return to her home in Gaza since beginning university in 2013, she’s empowered herself and her work for a better future for the entire world.

In the meantime, jobs and scholarships help fund higher education. She was recently selected as student body representative, completed an internship at JobMarket Bangladesh, and organized a Women Empowerment Summit.

She worked as a volunteer at the Yemen Center for Autism and participated in a charity bazaar to support children in Gaza. She wants to make a change in her community and help to improve it by becoming a university professor.

In her mind, success is the ability to achieve what you always wanted or dreamed of.