Reem Razzouk, Syria 

Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program

The Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Year of graduation: 2018

Reem Razzouk, twenty, is from Salamieh, Syria. She is an undergraduate student at the Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh.

She has been studying at AUW for three years, and is majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and minoring in Development Studies. The Daughters for Life Foundation helped her to regain her confidence by giving her the chance to prove herself through her studies.

She values the positive interactions she has with Daughters for Life Foundation’s team members: “That has a positive impact on us. It motivates us to work harder, to be more effective, and to achieve more knowledge through experiences”.

Reem took part in the Syrian Ismaili Council, where she helped the new students who planned to come to AUW and performed some translations. She hopes to demonstrate her leadership skills and will continue her journey of self-improvement.