Safaa Zaoui

Technique du Génie Informatique/ Computer Engineering

Collège Boréal, Toronto, Canada

Year of Graduation: 2020

The Daughters For Life Scholarship has given Safaa Zaoui, a Moroccan from Casablanca, a chance to meet many important people and achieve her dream of furthering her education. This scholar is studying Computer Engineering at Collège Boréal in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

According to her hometown English teacher, Zaoui is a tolerant and persistent young woman with high relationship skills. She’s proved herself academically as the first student to receive the highest mark in her last year of high school. Zaoui learned about Daughters For Life from an association for orphans called ASSALAM, she was one of their participants.

Her father always hoped for a better life for his daughters, her aim is to fulfill his wish by furthering her education.

“This scholarship will make my dreams come true.”

Which is why she’s planning to get her diploma to become an engineer in 2020. Her aspirations include obtaining relevant experience in her chosen field by working for a great company after graduation. However, another suitable path for her would be to teach the subject as well.

Success for Zaoui is what you make it, it requires effort and can take form through studies, work, and people as well.

Although there are many obstacles in life, she would advise any young girl to care about her studies as she believes you can change the world.