Sarah Abu Ramadan, Palestine  

Culinary Arts Program

College Boreal, ON, Canada

Year of graduation: 2016

Sarah Abu Ramadan is a twenty-three-year-old with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Gaza University. She studied French, the language that she has always adored, and she has a DELF B1 certificate. Sarah is interested in music, food art, and poetry, and she stays active through tennis and jogging. Sarah is also a singer in the band “Nissan” and a beginner player on cello. The band has had three concerts in Gaza. The essential idea was to create a band of musicians to merge the western and oriental music, to encourage the audience to be informed in all cultures. They would love to be heard all over the world. Sarah considers food to be an important art form and is very curious about knowing everything related to food and desserts to develop her career and have her own business in the future. She loves to write poems and her thoughts every day. Her main phrase in life is “Respecting others mentally, respecting everything that you might encounter in your life and respecting yourself as well are the perfect ascension”.