Simona Rahi, Lebanon

Political Science Program

New College of Florida, FL, USA

Year of graduation: 2019

Simona Rahi, an eighteen-year-old Lebanese student, has a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures. She chose Political Science as her major because it affords her a more nuanced understanding of the politics in Lebanon and the region, to be an agent of change in a region that is losing hope day after day.
A scholarship was the only means to get into a respected college due to financial deficits. The Daughters for Life program interested Simona because of its message of empowering women in the Middle East, which spoke to her personally. Simona wants to be part of a community that strives for improvement of women’s lives and promotes peace.She intends to obtain higher education in Political Science and International Affairs and is interested in working with embassies, international NGOs, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
She believes that women are the mothers of communities with power that only education can reveal, and that by educating women, one educates a society and builds a nation.