Waad Hassan, Palestine

English Literature major and creative writing minor

Manhattanville College, NY, USA

Year of graduation: 2019

Waad Hassan is eighteen years old, and is a Palestinian currently living in Lebanon. Waad is an avid reader who reads everything ranging from Shakespeare to Paulo Coelho. Her main hobbies are reading and writing. She has a passion for composing poetry and has more than sixty poems posted online. Waad plans to major in English Literature in Manhattanville. She hopes to be a published writer/poet one day. Waad also enjoys social work, and is an activist in Nashet, an organization that works in Palestinian camps in Lebanon. She has been working as an English/English poetry instructor for Nashet for the past three years. The opportunity offered to her by Daughters for Life will give her the entrance to the route of success which she will use to aid in the uplifting of her society.