Wardah AlAkrah, Lebanon

Biology major and pre-health minor (Pre-Medical Program)

Manhattanville College, NY, USA

Year of graduation: 2019

Wardah AlAkrah, eighteen, comes from the village Jib Janine in West Beqaa, Lebanon but lives in a different city in the south. Her family members have always been by her side, and their encouragement is the bedrock to her success. They were willing to let her live in the USA, to get a better education because they believe it’s the door to the future. Despite the rocky status of her country, Wardah managed to improve her educational level by getting good high school grades and awards. She participated in two Model United Nations and won a diplomacy award. She enjoys listening to music, reading and drawing.In 2015, she volunteered at a summer camp. Since she was young, Wardah found medicine fascinating, and wanted to know everything about it; this passion has grown throughout her life. Seeing patients, when she used to accompany her father to his work, prompted her ambition to know more about medicine so that she’d be able to help patients and prevent them from getting sick. Now, thanks to Daughters for Life, she will be able to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor and helping others in her country.  According to Wardah, “Educate her today for a better future” is the greatest gift she’s received so far.