Dania: Aspiring Future Engineer Working for Sustainable World

Daughter’s for Life foundation is proud to introduce another brilliant scholar joining the family. Dania Mahadin, from Jordan, was recently accepted to York University to pursue an engineering program. Even though Dania understands the challenge of pursuing such a challenging major, she believes that engineering encompasses a whole range of systems that benefit humankind. She looks upon this opportunity to become an engineer with great enthusiasm and motivation because it will enable her to provide and develop a detail-oriented vision of culture-shared systems that will lead to a common ground for fruitful understanding between different civilizations. Dania has a clear view of how she would like to contribute to her society in the future, and the DFL scholarship serves as a bridge between her keen dreams and a successful future. We believe that with this scholarship, Dania will be able to use her education to her and her society’s enhancement. Dania understands the benefits of this experience. She says, “engineering provides a great atmosphere for students where all of them are working for the same goal; for a sustainable world.”

Dania is very conscious of the potential this scholarship gives her. Having heard about the scholarship from her friend who studies in Canada, she feels grateful, thankful, and honored to be a recipient. “It is a life-changing opportunity for sure and a unique experience as well,” Dania says as she expresses her excitement

over being able to study the major, she always dreamed in a well-known university such as York University. Dania, being success-oriented, realizes that such an education will equip her with the skills and abilities needed for her engagement in society post-university. She asserts that she hopes to bee able to share what she learns in her home country, Jordan, to develop and implement the basis for successful experiences. This is in direct alignment with the DFL motto of educating young girls from the Middle East so they can move forward in uplifting their home countries and societies.

DFL is especially excited about Dania’s dedication to education. She expresses that the scholarship is a turning point in her life; it allows her to further her studies despite the challenges that life has posed in front of her. She recognizes that without education, there is no space for development, especially for girls in the middle east who would like to be active participants in building a great nation. Now Dania is about to start her university career. She turns to DFL with a simple thank you for positioning her at the very beginning of her road to success.

We wish Dania the best of luck as she moves from one achievement to another!