Daughters for Life Welcomes a New Fellow

As we all try to cope with the current pandemic’s struggles, we are proud to see another wonderful young woman join the Daughters for Life family. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Saja Anabusi, our new fellow, who will be training at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine and Mount Sinai Hospital’s maternal-fetal medicine unit. Saja is an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist. Born in Baqa il Gharbieah, a small Arab Palestinian town in Palestine, Saja completed her BSc degree in Medical Sciences and earned a Medical Doctor degree at the Technion University in Haifa, Israel. Saja will be starting her fellowship on the 1st of July.

This Daughters for Life Fellowship Program aims for women like Saja to develop their skills by broadening their knowledge at outstanding institutions like Mount Sinai Hospital. An opportunity like this is made possible through collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine and Mount Sinai Hospital. Daughters for Life is proud of partnerships like this with such a prestigious institution as the University of Toronto; together we hope to provide a chance for growth and prosperity for these young women to contribute to the success of their communities.

Saja represents the ideal candidate for such an opportunity; she is a driven, hardworking, and responsible young woman. She is proud of her residency experience, which she finished with excellence in her board exams. After, she led and was involved in multiple research projects in the field of MFM. We are exceptionally inspired by Saja’s commitment to giving back to her community. While she recognizes that this fellowship is “a dream come true” because it provides her with formal sup-specialty training, she also understands the responsibility that comes with her success. Saja hopes this training will develop her clinical and academic knowledge to ensure the best care for her patient care. Moreover, she intends to give back to the Palestinian Arab society living in Israel as they lack doctors with similar training. She expresses, “I believe, after finishing my fellowship, I can have a major impact in OBGYN services in my area and provide a good high-risk pregnancy consult to these women.” As a mother of four children, Saja reflects on her husband and children as the drive that keeps her going.

Reflecting on the application process, Saja indicates that the process was easy and friendly; she commended the team’s communication as supportive. She adds, “DFL is a unique, spectacular organization that supports young women in their path to achieve their goals.” Saja is a prime example for future Daughters for Life candidates. Her advice to Middle Eastern girls who are thinking about furthering their education is to work hard and don’t hesitate to apply. She recognizes that Daughters for life provides more than financial support, but it is a home away from home. Finally, Saja wants to thank all our supports and donors. She says, “you taught me a lesson about giving and caring, and I hope I will be able one day to return by supporting other young women.”

We are proud to have you on Board, Dr. Saja.