Rozana Jaber is another Daughters for Life scholar who recently graduated from the New College of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs. After returning to Palestine, Rozana is focusing her energy on exploring the job market. She reflects on her experience as a DFL scholar and appreciates how that experience prepared her to face life post-graduation. “My experience going into a 4-year degree program abroad, and in a unique place, has given me a wide outlook on life. Having met people from diverse backgrounds, I feel confident in interacting with people with different religious, cultural, and political backgrounds. The DFL Scholarship gave me a chance to learn with worrying about expenses, placing no huge burdens on my parents. I am thankful for this one in a lifetime opportunity,” says Rozana.

Nowadays, Rozana is part of the Global Shapers Community that is a network of youth under 30 who dedicate hard work and effort to tackle issues on local and regional levels. This community has hubs all over the world and in most countries. As part of her hub, Rozana is helping work towards creating better socioeconomic conditions for people living in East Jerusalem. We are impressed that despite the pandemic, Rozana continues to work virtually to spread positivity and information in the community. Rozana is taking the time to learn more about entrepreneurship in Palestine and looking for internships to prepare herself for the possibility to pursue further education in Public policy abroad.

In addition to her engagement with the community and the labor force Rozana has taken the time to focus on personal and physical development. She has restarted plating soccer as well as other sport. She also joins the Right to Movement Group where she goes on weekly runs and learns from teammates. She admits that despite the exhaustion from running long distances, she views running as a great way to achieve milestones in different areas of life. Rozana was planning to run the Palestinian Marathon, but unfortunately, that was canceled due to Covid-19.

After her experience with DFL, Rozana turns to other girls in the Middle East who are potential DFL scholars and asks them to “think of the opportunity as a great blessing to learn and enhance their characters. Be open to learning, but also do not feel coerced to change any of your values. Work on yourself and appreciate the value education brings to you.”

We are excited to see all the successes and achievements awaiting Rozana.