Eva’s Journey with Daughters for Life 

 Daughters for Life Foundation is proud to celebrate another successful and brilliant scholar, Eva Shenoda. In June 2021, Eva graduated from York University with a specialized Honors BSc in Biology. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s in gastrointestinal sciences with a specialization in immunology at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine in Canada. Following in our founder’s footsteps, Eva has an avid interest in health issues and hopes to contribute to the improvement of medicine. That is why she hopes the future holds more educational developments. She wishes to continue in the field of research either through a Ph.D. or an industry-related position. We are very proud of Eva’s ambition to continue her path towards higher education and future successes.


Eva notes that the Daughters for Life Foundation played an instrumental role in shaping her future. Through the scholarship, the foundation changed the course of her life by offering her the opportunity to study at York University. There, she received a quality education, access to different resources, and had hands-on experience that helped her pursue her passion for science and technology. She adds that now as a result she has a better understanding of the world as she was exposed to different cultures and perspectives. Additionally, she has gained more confidence and independence by living alone and overcoming challenges. Eva is a prime example of how the DFL scholarship helps shape young girls’ personalities by helping them find out what they want to pursue and how they too can help others like them. 

When asked what she would like to say to the foundation, Eva remarks that she would like to thank them for the invaluable experience that they offered her. She states, “thank you, for being a home away from my home, for providing mental and financial support throughout my education, and for believing in me. I hope that DFL can continue supporting other girls to help them achieve their dreams.” In turn, Daughters for Life is happy to continue supporting girls like Eva who grasp this opportunity and consequently grow and later contribute to the growth of their communities.

 Eva recognizes how essential education was for her life and how it is vital for other girls like her. She advises young girls to never be afraid to try something new. She encourages them to get out of their comfort zone and challenge the limits of what they already know. She explains that experience might be challenging, but it will help them discover their passion, expand their knowledge, and become the better version of themselves. 

What inspirational advice to provide! We continue to be amazed by you, Eva! We wish you nothing but more success and prosperity.