Educate a Woman, Ignite her Sparkle.



The Daughters for Life Foundation is proud to present and announce the return of our annual Educate A Woman, Ignite Her Sparkle Fundraising Campaign. In our ideal world, every woman’s full potential would sparkle without the constraints of life’s hardships. We at DFL continue to work toward a future where that can happen by providing women with access to education, equipping them with the knowledge and the confidence to sparkle in their communities. You can help make this a reality by donating to our now annual Educate A Woman, Ignite Her Sparkle Campaign!

Over the last two years, in the face of global uncertainty, the DFL foundation resolved to commit to growth, development and perseverance, redoubling our efforts to make an already difficult time less difficult for deserving young women throughout the Middle East. Here is how we did it:

We grew the DFL family more than expected, welcoming seven brilliant new scholars who will be starting their studies in Fall 2022. This is a jump from our usual cap of one to two new scholars per year in the past two years. The new scholars represent the diversity of the Middle East, hailing from all over the region while coming together under DFL’s scholarship program.

We officially expanded our foundation’s activities outside North America and established Daughters for Life Europe (DFLE), the first overseas chapter of DFL and forged brand new partnerships with great universities.

Finally, we’re also excited to announce the relaunch of our awards program, which will directly fund the studies of many students in the Middle East.

With your generous donations, we will be able to continue funding all of these efforts which transform the lives of the young women impacted by them. Please donate to our second annual Educate A Woman, Ignite Her Sparkle campaign today so that all of our current and future scholars can continue to sparkle.

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Many factors in the Middle East can make education for young women very difficult. But with your donation, we can help many talented women, access the best education possible. We believe that investing in young women’s education is the key to long lasting peace and better future for all of us.

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