DFL Graduate Scholarship Application Form 2024/2025

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  • Graduate Scholarship Application Form

    • Please answer all questions in English. If you fill your application in any language other than English, your application will be inadmissible.
    • If you submit an incomplete application, your application will be inadmissible.
    • Use the same email address and name spelling throughout the application and your communications.
    • For your supporting documents, please make sure to name the files with your name as well as the content. (i.e. Jane Smith Resume; Jane Smith Transcript)
    • In addition to filling this form, you are required to apply to your university of your interest. By the time you submit your application to DFL, you should have applied to the university or universities and the program(s) of your interest and received the university application number, reference number, identification number or OUAC number (Except for ULB, whose application date begins on February 16, 2024).
    • You are required to provide Proof of English Proficiency as required by the university of your interest.
    • You may save and edit your responses later and your data will be saved for 30 days. (Documents may need to be re-uploaded.)
    • The deadline for submission is: January 19th, 2024.
  • Which country/state issues your passport?
  • Which country do you currently live in?