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Welcome to Daughters For Life

Established in 2010, the Daughters for Life Foundation creates accessible education opportunities for young women from the Middle East and helps them become strong, well-informed women that are able to speak up and change their communities and the face of the world.

What We Do

DFL creates accessible education opportunities for young women from the Middle East, through strategic partnership with academic institutions and support of donors, to help them uncover their powerful potential to be the voices of equality, leaders of development, and agents of change in their communities.


In a world where the power of women has not yet been fully acknowledged, we make it the focus.

To aid in the pursuit of equality in education on a global scale, the Daughters for Life Foundation chooses the soon to be next generation leaders based on their self-confidence, ambition, passion, and a high degree of personal commitment.

We recognize the importance of these values by providing scholarships, fellowships, and awards to the young women of Middle East who embody them.


Since 2011


Interviewed from 8 countries to select


DFL Scholars

The DFL programs are not a reward for previous achievements, but an investment for further developments.

By guiding our scholars throughout their journey, and by assisting them a peer network and a financial support, we support them to express their talents and subsequently become the new agents of the world where health and peace are being delivered equally.

We’ve invested in



over 8 years

A trusted charity supported by extensive network of partners, donors and volunteers thankfully.

We kindly appreciate the contribution of several hundred donors throughout Canada and the wider world, from individuals to academic institutions and corporations to those who thoroughly believes in our cause. Volunteers, working on various assignments, are indispensable for us to move forward.


Many of them waive tuition for our scholars fully or partially

1200+ DONORS

7,488 HOUR

of volunteer service each year


The Daughters for Life Foundation offers three unique program opportunities, from individual financial awards to full academic scholarships.

Our programs have helped more than 400 Middle Eastern women realize their potential. In collaboration with our partners, we’re offering you the same chance to build your future. Please read about each program to determine which is best suited for your plans.


We offer one of the most competitive scholarships throughout Canada, the US and beyond, to young Middle Eastern women at the undergraduate and graduate level through strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top academic institutions and the support of our donors.

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The Awards Program assists and recognizes dedicated female university students in their third year of study in accredited academic programs in the Middle East. An applicant may be nominated by the university or apply to the university directly.

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The Daughters for Life Fellowship Program provides opportunities for exceptional female students from universities in the Middle East to develop their disciplinary horizons in collaboration with institutions around the world.

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What Our Scholars Say About DFL

“DFL has a huge impact on me. I got the opportunity to have a good education system and study public health which I am interested in. Furthermore, I got the chance to learn more about other culture, and diversity at my university. Also, I learned about leadership skills and how to be a good speaker and have a positive impact in others.”

Asmaa Abushabab, Asian University for Women

“This scholarship has completely changed my life to better, it was a miracle for me, and the best thing I have ever had in my life.”

Yousra Benradi, Brock University

“DFL gave me a chance to meet many important people in my life and achieve my dreams as well.”

Safaa Zaoui, College Boréal

“I can’t underestimate the impact the scholarship had on my life. Being in the United States, and specifically at the college I’m at, I learned many things. I hope these memories will inspire my future actions and stick to me for the rest of my life. Without doubt, these years of my life have been very impactful. I thank Allah for all of this.”

Rozana Jaber, New College of Florida

“The Daughters for Life Foundation scholarship has provided me with opportunities I could have never imagined getting. I was able to be active on campus through different clubs and jobs. This definitely boosted by leadership skills and helped me interact more with other people. I was given the chance to know people from different cultures and form new friendships. I am grateful to have been given the chance to receive a proper education and have efficient resources to build my personality and career path for whatever the future holds for me.”

Wardah Alakrah, Manhattanville College

“By giving me a scholarship to a good college like Manhattanville, this scholarship opened the door for initiative and aspirations for me. I have become a better student and writer with hopes of being published confirmed in the third year of my college career. This scholarship definitely transformed my life and gave me opportunities that I didn’t think were possible.”

Waad Hassan, Manhattanville College

“It has empowered me to follow my dreams and pursue my passions.”

Merehan Mostafa, The University of Rochester

“This scholarship has allowed me to obtain a B.A in the United States, and that is of great importance to me, as it will open many doors of opportunities to me. Also, through this scholarship, I got to broaden my network of connections.”

Simona Rahi, New College of Florida

“This experience has been eye-opening to me. It was what helped me find myself and figure out what I exactly want to become. Showed me the blessings I have clearer.”

Darah Al Shalabi, McMaster University

“This scholarship helped me getting a better chance of education and this, in fact, changed my life and the way I look at my future. I never thought that I’ll be able to pursue my interests without this opportunity. I even got to study computer science besides my biology degree and this could’ve been really hard in the education system back home. Moreover, this opportunity gave me the chance to learn about different places in the world as I’m studying in a diverse college in New York.”

Marwa Soliman, Manhattanville College

“Daughters for Life scholarship has enabled me to push further towards a degree in occupational therapy. It helped me understand the kind of person I want to be and what I want to do with my life. More than a sole scholarship, this opportunity represents the giving longevity of a community, and it demonstrates this by showing others that their futures are relevant.”

Abeer Obaido, New College of Florida

“It gives me the chance to study abroad and wide my dreams.”

Ayaat Labbad, Ryerson University

“It changed my life. I have the opportunity to study in a great school, have the opportunity to do great internships, and have the opportunity to excel in order to have what medical schools are looking for.”

Alaa El Hajjar, Manhattanville College

“My family is big. I have 5 brothers and a sister and my father is an UNRWA worker. The scholarship helped my family a lot by relieving them from the financial responsibility of my education which relieved me on an emotional level. Also, participating in DFL program has given me the opportunity to study in Canada that has totally different societal norms. Studying abroad has contributed greatly in shaping my identity and helping define who I am.”

Hibaa Miari, Wilfrid Laurier University

“Through DFL scholarship,I was able to study at New College, which is a great academic institute that made me grow socially and academically.”

Najla Fawwaz, New College of Florida

“This scholarship has helped me grow in general as it helped me by decreasing some of the heavy financial weight that was on my shoulders. It allowed me to focus on my education fully, and made me part of a society of women who are facing similar challenges in life as me, helping and encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams and complete their education”

Leen Al Saboonchi, University of Leeds


Many factors in the Middle East can make education for young women very difficult. But with your donation, we can help many talented women, access the best education possible. We believe that investing in young women’s education is the key to long lasting peace and better future for all of us.

Your donation will change many girls’ lives



Volunteers are the lifeblood of our foundation, in Canada and overseas. Be a part of something AMAZING.



Use your energy, imagination and passion raise money with the help of your network, family, friends and community.



To bring the gift of education to girls and young women from the Middle East, we require the continuous support and patronage of academic institutions from around the world.


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