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June 2018

Merehan Ayman


Merehan Ayman, Egypt Political Science The University of Rochester, NY, USA Year of graduation: 2020 Aside from her political and leadership goals, Merehan enjoys being a violinist and ballerina at the Cairo Opera House, taking part in theatrical productions, participating in several Model UNs, and regularly volunteering at philanthropic organizations in her leisure time. One day, she hopes to encourage the implementation of peace-building strategies around the world and collaborate with various academic disciplines, [...]

Merehan Ayman2018-06-19T23:34:18-04:00

Ayaat Labbad


Ayaat Labbad Biology Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada Year of Graduation: 2021 Ayaat is from Damascus. Even though she is only 23, she already has gone through a lot: Forced to leave her home country at the age of 17 with her mother and sisters, she left her father behind and has not heard from him ever since. She has always been a hardworking student. She successfully completed her diploma of General [...]

Ayaat Labbad2018-06-19T23:26:43-04:00

Aya Hammoud


Aya Hammoud International Language Academy of Canada Aya, 18, was born in Tartous, Syria. She successfully completed the Diploma of General Secondary Studies in Science while fighting Neuritis. Her disease left her unable to sleep for days. Instead of feeling defeated by her health situation, she decided to use this time of her life to read and reflect on the country’s difficulties and to think about what kind of [...]

Aya Hammoud2018-06-11T15:38:53-04:00

Raneem Kanaan


Raneem Kanaan International Language Academy of Canada Nineteen-year old Raneem is originally from Damascus, but has been living in Turkey. Raneem is described by her English teacher as a student with outstanding dedication and critical thinking skills. She loves working in a team, sparing no effort to encourage and engage her fellow classmates. Raneem is very decisive and self-driven. She flew alone to Turkey in search of better opportunities. While [...]

Raneem Kanaan2018-06-11T15:37:36-04:00

Asmaa Labbad


Asmaa Labbad International Language Academy of Canada Asmaa is a bright 21-year old student. She was born in Damascus, Syria, where she successfully completed a Diploma of General Secondary Education in Science. In 2012, Asmaa, her two sisters and their mother escaped to Lebanon. There, Asmaa and her sister Ayaat -who also won the scholarship, seized all the opportunities to learn and grow. Asmaa’s journey of learning led her [...]

Asmaa Labbad2018-06-11T15:35:16-04:00

Alaa Alakel


Alaa Alakel, Syria International Language Academy of Canada Alaa, 24, is originally from Kafranbel, Syria. She moved to Aleppo when she started her post-secondary studies at the university. She completed three of the six years required for the Medicine specialization when she was arrested by the regime forces and had no other choice than to leave the country. She moved with her parents and her two brothers to Turkey. [...]

Alaa Alakel2018-06-11T15:33:17-04:00

Yousra Benradi


Yousra Benradi Brock University English Program Yousra is a 21-year old young woman and a focused student from Mohammedia, Morocco. She has always been driven by her desire to learn and help others, overcoming hardships with patience and dedication. She is also a firm believer that women are societies’ changemakers. Yousra recently started studying English-language at Brock University in Saint Catharines (Ontario). Her objective is to successfully complete an [...]

Yousra Benradi2018-06-11T15:30:53-04:00

Safaa Zaoui


Safaa Zaoui Technique du Génie Informatique/ Computer Engineering Collège Boréal, Toronto, Canada Year of Graduation: 2020 The Daughters For Life Scholarship has given Safaa Zaoui, a Moroccan from Casablanca, a chance to meet many important people and achieve her dream of furthering her education. This scholar is studying Computer Engineering at Collège Boréal in Toronto, Ontario Canada. According to her hometown English teacher, Zaoui is a tolerant and persistent young woman with [...]

Safaa Zaoui2018-06-19T23:35:02-04:00

Sahar Al Ahmad


Sahar Al Ahmad International Language Academy of Canada Sahar, 22, was born in Aleppo, Syria. She and her family fled the country and went to Turkey. There, Sahar volunteered for Syrian and International organizations. She also worked in her father’s pharmacy, translating the customers and patients’ needs for him. Sahar dreamed of studying Environmental Engineering after one of her friends passed away because of the unhealthy environmental conditions Syrian [...]

Sahar Al Ahmad2018-06-11T15:25:04-04:00

Raya Sleka


Raya Sleka, Syria English Program ILAC – ON, Canada Year of Graduation: 2018 Travelling from Syria, Raya arrived in Toronto, Canada in August 2017 to join ILAC and study English in preparation for post-secondary education. Raya dreams of studying Law and speaking out for the rights of women, especially in Syria where the war is has made things even more volatile than before. Raya is also looking to push girls [...]

Raya Sleka2018-06-11T15:21:48-04:00
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