About Our Scholarship Program

The vision on which we built our scholarship program is that educated young women of the Middle East will act as leaders and agents for peaceful social change in their communities. Therefore, at the Daughters for Life Foundation, we strive to advance, invest, and promote higher education for young women living in the Middle East. We work to achieve this by providing young women with the opportunity to gain the skills and experience necessary to become the innovative change-makers who will accomplish amazing things. Daughters for Life offers full undergraduate and graduate scholarships in almost any program of your choosing because what is important is YOUR passions and potentials. Since our inception, we have established a number of academic partnerships with leading universities throughout North America, Europe, and beyond so you may reach your academic goals and dreams without the worry of how to afford it.


How To Apply

In order to apply to the Daughters for Life scholarship program, you must complete two separate stages:

A. Apply to the DFL Scholarship Program

  • You can apply for the DFL Scholarship if you are:
    • Female
    • A citizen and resident of one of the following countries in the Middle East: Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco
    • In financial need
    • Committed to returning to the home country once studies are complete
  • Complete the DFL Scholarship Program Application, the Financial Needs Analysis form, the Supporting Documents form, and submit two references
  • Contact apply@daughtersforlife.com for further assistance


B. Apply to Our Academic Partners

  • Each university/college has its own set of admission requirements (including supporting documents), deadlines, and process for applying. In addition, each specific program will have its own requirements.
  • We encourage you to apply to more than one of our academic partners
  • Applications to the universities/colleges are NOT done through DFL


*IMPORTANT: The official application deadlines may differ from the above date depending on the university/college. However, in order to be considered for the DFL scholarship, you must have applied to your desired universities/colleges before Jan 15, 2021, and got an application number/ID. The sooner you submit your university/college applications, the better.

To be eligible for a scholarship with DFL, you must meet a certain set of criteria.

You can apply to the DFL Scholarship if you are:

  • Female
  • A citizen and resident of one of the following countries in the Middle East: Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco
  • In financial need
  • Committed to returning to the home country once studies are complete

Additional required criteria:

  • Achieving success despite adversity and hardship
  • Making an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of girls and women through work and volunteering at school and in the community
  • Reaching significant academic grades (minimum of 75%)
  • Having a strong command of English that meets the academic institution’s requirement
  • An offer of admission to a program from one or more of our Daughters for Life Academic Partners
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • To positively contribute to all communities you join
  • To return home when your studies are complete, to benefit your community

Contact apply@daughtersforlife.com for further assistance.


DFL offers its scholarships through specific academic partners only. In addition to applying to DFL for the scholarship portion, all applicants MUST apply to the respective academic partner for their desired university/college program(s) and get admission to be considered for the scholarship.

You may apply to multiple universities/colleges and multiple programs within each university. Please note that there are application fees associated with each of the universities/colleges, as noted on each of their websites.  Each academic partner has its own unique system for an application that our foundation is not privy to. Therefore, Daughters for Life is unable to waive these application fees. 

Please find a list of our academic partners for the year with important information and links for applying. It is important to be aware that these applications are separate from the DFL application and all questions regarding requirements, the application process, etc. should be directed to the university/college itself.

Undergraduate Scholarship:

Important Links:

You must apply for institutional financial aid along with their application to the University of Pennsylvania when they apply for admission.

Important Links:

To Apply:
If applying only to Wilfrid Laurier University USE THIS LINK.
If applying to Wilfrid Laurier University and other universities in Ontario, use OUAC 105F (International) Application for all the universities you’re applying to. It is found HERE.

Graduate Scholarship:

For the 2021/22 academic year, Brock University offers a Ph.D. scholarship ( Brock U doesn’t offer a Masters Scholarships this year).

* Prior to submitting your application to Brock University, contact DFL at apply@daughtersforlife.com to waive your application fees

Important Links:

In the first of its kind at Daughters For Life, this academic year’s partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides a unique opportunity for a number of scholars to participate in a two-year Master’s Degree program offered in the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare related to Gender-Based Violence in Jerusalem offered in English with the requirement to know Hebrew.

This is the right program for you if:

  • You have a passion for social justice and the prevention of violence against women
  • You have an undergraduate degree in social work, psychology, or sociology
  • Have a strong research background and desire to examine issues deeply while asking questions aimed towards resolution
  • The duration of the program is two years
  • You would love to study in Jerusalem

This program aims to help further address the issue of violence against women by raising awareness of it in various areas. Through the duration of their 2-year program, scholars will be provided with graduate-level training on conducting research in the field, as well as planning, promotion, treatment, and prevention of such violence. The goal is to be inclusive of a cross-section of communities in Israel, including members of Haredi Arab and Ethiopian communities, as well as gender self-orientation groups.

Supervised and accompanied by highly skilled professionals, the scholars will engage in individual and group interventions with victims of domestic violence, providing them with hands-on experience through their studies, aiding them in the real-life work of assisting women who need aid in escaping dangerous environments, direct involvement in projects addressing defined groups of all ages, and across different forms of domestic gender-based violence. Their research is expected to generate knowledge that will inform complexities faced by legal policymakers, women’s and human rights organizations, academics, and other professionals across many industries. The program is also very focused on training laypeople in the community, who mostly interact with women, to be aware of signs of abuse and be able to respond and provide guidance on where to find support.

Important links:

Once you have ensured that you meet the criteria for our scholarship program and have applied to the academic partner of your choice, you may begin the DFL application process.

Please use the correct application for your desired level of study i.e. Undergraduate Application for Bachelor’s programs, Graduate Application for Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

To apply, complete, and submit the application form linked below. Please read all instructions on the top of the application form before filling it out. 

The form requires the school/college /university transcripts, CV, English proficiency test proof, a Financial Needs Analysis as well as at least two references (one academic, one community-based to be emailed directly to the foundation’s email).

To be considered for a Daughters for Life scholarship, you must:

  • Meet all of DFL’s requirements (including required forms, documents, and references)
  • Be accepted by one of our Academic Partners

Please note: Scholarship places are limited; where multiple applicants meet these requirements, a combination of financial need and academic ability will be used to differentiate candidates and make a selection.

Step 1: Application Panel Review

All applications are reviewed to check applicants who have completed their applications fully, correctly and meet the minimum requirements. If there are any issues with your application, you will be contacted.

November – January

Step 2: First Interviews

All applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be invited to attend an interview via Skype. You will be asked about your experiences and questions designed to review your preparedness for post-secondary education in an international setting. If you perform well at your interview, you will be shortlisted for the scholarship. If you have not been successful at this stage, you will be contacted.

February – March

Step 3: Second Interviews

Applicants who reach the shortlist after the first interviews will be invited to a second interview. You will be asked for more in-depth questions about becoming a DFL scholar. In this interview, a representative of your chosen academic institution may be present, and parents of applicants will also be required to attend.

March – April

Step 4: Final Approval of Scholars

All applicants who reach the appropriate scores at the interviews will be put forward for review by both the scholarship committee and partnered institutions. All applicants who reach this stage will be contacted following review, regardless of the outcome.

April – May

Apply Now


  • Scholarship Application Form – Undergraduate

  • Scholarship Application Form – Graduate

Scholarship Academic Partners

2021/2022 Academic Partners

Over the last 10 years, Daughters for Life has partnered with over 20 Colleges and Universities across North America, Europe and Beyond. Here are some of our previous partners:


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